Created by René Sabino in 2016, René Sabino Luxury is a brand intended to boost the luxury market. Using an online platform the brand aims to build a bridge between Europe and America. Its purpose is to facilitate the immediacy of business among all stakeholders. René Sabino Luxury’s goal is to create lasting and profitable partnerships as well as trying to fill its partners necessities with utmost responsibility and professionalism. The company began by representing furniture brands in the South and Central American markets. In the future, however, other types of luxury products will be added. They might be interchanged technologies between experienced countries and others with great and newly discovered potential. Even other types of more unusual partnerships might come along.

Quality, innovation, attention to detail and reinvention are features that René Sabino Luxury demands in its partners. Its basic philosophy is the premise “a global world in need of quality and innovation”.

Mission – Take advantage of/Guarantee  the production of quality goods and services in Portugal in order to segment their distribution in the International Luxury Market, thus developing a “bridge” between Europe and America.

Vision – To be an innovative Company regarding the marketing of  luxury goods and services for the International Market, keeping always in mind the value of our artisans’ skills as well as the irreverence of youth. From both we seek to obtain the best possible value which can be gained from the old and new world traditions.

Slogan: “Perfection is just another detail”, our commercial should follow the idea of our Company’s concept, to represent always an eminent/excelent service.


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