JENKELL Laurence was born in 1965 in Bourges.

 Leaving quickly academicism of his first works, Laurence JENKELL flourish in a more contemporary style with colors and excessive materials. A traditional canvas succeeds Plexiglas, resin and aluminum, contemporary materials, in harmony with the urban environment that inspires his art.

Seduced by the alchemy of sugar and multiple combinations SWEET, both in its form and in its potential for transformation, Laurence JENKELL accept the metamorphosis of the substance, to keep the idea of sugar that melts on the canvas .

His research is part of a variation of designs with bright colors, with delicious textures and sweet fragrances. With a single glance, the viewer feels transported by this very personal work. His senses are awakened, his smell, his taste, his touch and his childhood memories resurface, pulling like a bee to honey.

 The work of JENKELL is a crystallization phenomenon in itself, slow ascent to the final stage: the desire embodied in the object. The CANDY involved in both of that subtle moment when the subject turns to pleasure. Gluttony becomes sublimated, or by a cast aluminum sand or by packaging Altuglas which gives its dynamic to the work of JENKELL.

 The sublime object by object: new process developed by the artist to magnify the object by a technique of draping and twisting Altuglas in the purest spirit of candy wrappers.

A specialist speech looks like its candy sculpture is a radical move from the semantic content of Pop Art and New Realism. A profane speech talk of an artistic delicacy which delights our senses and raised by its softness allows to magnify all subjects carried by these sweets.

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