Boca do Lobo’s furniture exhales style, grace and luxury and this is certainly the case for Infinity console, a fascinating and exclusive piece, proven to be impressive and eye-catching through its sinuous and elegant lines. Infinity holds a shimmering aura that gets a classy touch to any living space. Stunning in either modern or classic entrance halls and a great addition to any living room decoration. Handcrafted by our talented craftsmen, this prodigious piece has a striking geometric mosaic wood veneer top and a copper leaf base finished with high gloss varnish.




Joinery, Marquetry, Varnishing and Application of golden leaf, silver leaf or copper leaf.


W 180 cm |70,9″
D 40 cm |15,7″
H 86cm |33,9″
Weight 90 kg
Cubage 0,99 m3



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