SOHO Nightstand

Soho Bedside Table is another addition to Soho Collection. Composed by a collection of wood drawers finished in mirror and black glass with etched detailing, gold leaf, diamond mateched rosewood veneer, high gloss blue or pink lacquer, and white lacquer with hand carved relief patterning. The drawers are accented with handmade brass pulls, some of which are plated in chrome, and cut glass knobs; they are encased in a bronze glass box supported by a high gloss.



Joinery, Marquetry, Carving, Glass Work, Lacquering, Application of Golden Leaf, Foundry and Varnishing.


Small Version

W 66 cm | 26 in”
D 45 cm | 18 in”
H 62 cm | 24 in”
Weight 33 kg
Cubage 0,41 m3

Big Version

W 85 cm | 33,5 in”
D 45 cm | 17,7 in”
H 62 cm | 24,4 in”
Weight 90 kg
Cubage 0,47 m3

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