René Sabino is a Venezuelan entrepreneur born in Caracas  on the  11th February, 1966. Son of María Teresa Sabino,  a polifacetic woman,  fashion designer, phisiotherapist and painter,  as well as son of a ingenious trader Juan María Marcano Molero,   he inherited from both his Parents a singular amount of talent and a quality which has always distinguished him troughout his life:  his persuasive hability.  At  16 years of age he began in the area of direct sales with great success, to go later towards executive sales and ocupy managerial positions associated with Corporative Marketing in different Companies in Venezuela, Portugal, Spain and other European countries.

René Sabino  has been a Resident in Portugal for 22 years where he is Managing Director of various Companies in the field of metalmechanics, industrial ceramics and fashion articles.  He has founded companies in the area of catering and presently is the owner of restaurants in different countries and is worth noting that, altough a Venezuelan, he was the owner of SALPOENTE, considered as “the best  Codfish Restaurant in the world” in Portugal, a country whose  gastronomy is considered as a patrimony of humankind.

Presently René Sabino is the owner of René Sabino Luxury, a company that manufactures and represents famous interior design brands, furniture and luxury decorative articles under the brands, BOCA DO LOBO, CIRCUS,  BRABBU, DELIGHT FULL, BY KOKET, MAISON VALENTINA  LUXXU among others.

One thing is to be an Entrepreneur and another being an enterprising Entrepreneur,   René Sabino is always seeking opportunities for new bussinesses. Not a person to settle with a confortable and static success, he considers that the world can be shaped and reshaped in such a way that it would become much better which will give as a result making better human beings, whom he considers, not merely by words but also in fact, the best “capital” of any type of Company.


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